"Dear Mike, I was so fortunate to be offered the physiotherapy, and so quickly too. But, even more so to have someone so kind, friendly and of course knowledgeable as you. My hip is massively improved from the beginning due to your expert help and advice. So thank you once again and i wish you all the best in the future and for your career." Pauline

"Dear Michael, thank you for putting up with my craziness for the past 8 weeks and a bigger thank you for fixing me." Mahwash

"Hi Michael, thanks so much for all your care, support and advice!" Sarra-Jane

"I started physiotherapy here on the 7th of January after my accident. I was very happy with Michaels help and I managed to walk properly again. I am now attending the gym for exercises, so thank you" Jackie

"I would like to thank Michael and his team for all the help and support given whilst recovering from my knee problem. At first I felt very embarrassed, being an older lady with a young man. But that past very quickly as Michael took time to explain problems and encourage me to build up the muscles, walk up and down stairs and become confident to go back to work. He has an excellent manner, quite patient but determined to get the most progress from me." Lesley

"Dear Michael, my tennis elbow is so much better, only causing a problem after above normal exertion and even then it seems to be cured with the exercises you gave me. Thank you so much again for all you have done. It really has improved the quality of my life enormously, and is much appreciated." David

"To Michael, thank you very much for your hard work." Adelowe